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The Story

The world was a peaceful place once upon a time. Nothing could ever get in the way of such peace. People were happy and content, but that all changed when one day, a meteorite hit the earth. Because the meteorite was in the coldest parts of Siberia, a very small amount of people could reach the meteorite to examine the situation.

A lot of people were scared, but the fear had disappeared very quickly, seeing as nothing else happened after the meteorite hit.

Weeks pass and things seem to be alright, until… The people who went to check out the meteorite came back… different.


Their skin was rotten and they looked repulsive to look at. But their looks represented their actual personalities even more than their work clothing did. And the worse thing was… they were hungry for human flesh!


It seemed like the meteorite contained a virus that would infect anyone who came in contact with it, making any human or animal flesh-hungry, ugly beasts.

Now, only a very small group of people can come and tame those ugly zombies! Will you be one of those people or will you become a victim of the flesh-eating ugly zombies?

Mutant Zombies NFT collection  is going to form an exclusive global club of MZ hodlers.  During the jurney lots of  giveaways and events wil take place.    In the site you can find a small sample of the upcoming NFTs a lot more  variations are yet to come


We are happy to welcome you in our community please join our Discord server and follow us on Twitter to stay tuned






To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.





Pre-sale will take place one day before public sale. Only Whitelisted members will be able to participate. WL members will be able to mint up to 5 Mutants at the price of 0.15 Sol


Public Sale

Publice sale minting will remain open for 72 Houres. Every one will have an equal chance to get a  Mutant Zombie at the price of 0.3 Sol


Secondary Marketplace Listing

Mutant Zombies will be listed on secondary marketplaces. Solsea already set up


Token creation

A Zombie token will be created and distributed to Mutant hodlers. Further supply will be minted as reward for staking you Mutant Zombies NFT.


Gen2 3D Mutants 

Creation of Gen 2 3D  Mutants  photorealistic ready for metaverse intergration.   Hodlers will be able to exchange   Gen1 for Gen2 mutants as long as to purchase them with Zombie Token.



P2E  Shooting Game

Launch a new P2E onlince shooting game. Zombie hunting will start...



Private Party

A private party will take place on a secret island. Exclusively for Mutant Zombie hodlers

Meet The Team


First Mutant

First Zombie  ever created. Master of all zombies


Mutant  Creator


Mutant Messenger

Creator of Mutant Zombies

Spreading the word.